Educate yourself. Inform others. Create change.

The Education Program works to improve literacy and education awareness in communities at home and around the world. Clubwomen are dedicated to promoting a commitment to literacy and lifelong learning by:

  • Encouraging members and others to foster and support educational opportunities for all ages in their communities

  • Promoting and supporting Epsilon Sigma Omicron, an honorary educational society open to all per capita paying GFWC members that provides clubwomen with a structured reading program for self-enrichment and personal growth

  • Educating members and others on ways to improve low adult and youth literacy rates

  • Supporting libraries in their efforts to provide information/materials and educational opportunities

  • Hugh O'Brian Youth leadership (HOBY)

Did You Know…
Having founded over 474 free public libraries and 4,655 traveling libraries, women’s clubs were credited by the American Library Association with establishing 75% of America’s public libraries. Supporting local libraries continues to be a Federation priority today.

Areas of Focus

  • Assisting those with Learning Disabilities
  • Book Drives
  • Collecting School Supplies
  • Supporting Local Libraries
  • Promoting Literacy
  • Mentoring Young People
  • Encouraging Lifelong Learning


  • Chi Chi Rodriguez School
  • Countryside High School
  • Elisa's Greatest Wishes
  • Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch
  • Women on the Way