Community Service Programs

GFWC North Pinellas Woman’s Club is distinguished from other service organizations by the scope of our outreach.  Our members work locally and nationally to bring about positive change with an unwavering dedication to community improvement through volunteer service.  Simply put, we impact lives, through acts large and small.

Our community service programs span all areas of the lives of our members, their families, and communities, and our projects are structured to harness the vast resources of our members to address the needs of our local communities.

GFWC North Pinellas Woman’s Club Community Service Programs and Special Projects focus on major issues that affect our communities daily—supporting women’s health, preserving natural resources, promoting literacy and equality, citizen advocacy, and encouraging volunteer service.


Inspiring clubwomen to explore creativity in their lives.
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Improving the environment and our natural resources through community projects. 
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Promoting literacy and lifelong learning. 
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Home Life

Addressing the issues that affect the well-being of our community.
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International Outreach

Becoming a better world citizen through advocacy, education, and action.
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Public Issues

Actively encouraging civic and social responsibilities.
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Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention

NPWC works to end domestic violence by raising awareness and prevention of the widespread occurrence of domestic abuse in communities across the nation.

We do this by supporting existing activities, working with various established programs and organizations, and initiating educational opportunities for club members and local citizens…. Learn More

Other Special Projects

Fundraising Projects

Members in Action