Our club president, Laura Connelly and PR Committee Chair Shary Hauer were recently interviewed by Megan Holzwarth of TBNweekly.com where they spoke about the GFWC North Pinellas Woman’s Club, our volunteer efforts and our members. Laura highlighted some of the committees, service projects and upcoming events like CHESS, the musical and our 43rd Annual Christmas Under the Oaks holiday market. The journalist, Megan Holzwarth is an alumni of GFWC Clearwater Juniorettes.

See the full article here: https://www.tbnweekly.com/north_county/article_4cad3896-466f-11e9-af29-1f54a5c1e5d7.html

GFWC North Pinellas Woman's Club president, Laura Connelly
GFWC North Pinellas Woman’s Club is featured in TBNweekly.com